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VMC Drilling Machine (3 Axis)
Buy from us versatile VMC drilling machine (3 Axis) that can perform drilling and milling operations with high accuracy and speed, making it an essential tool in modern manufacturing processes. It is used in manufacturing and production environments to create precision parts and components.
CNC Drilling Machine (2 Axis)
CNC drilling machine (2 axis) allows for precise and repeatable drilling, which can be important in many manufacturing and fabrication applications. This machine is commonly used in industries such as aerospace, automotive, construction, and electronics, among others.
CNC Turning Machine
A CNC turning machine is capable of producing complex shapes with high precision and accuracy, making it ideal for manufacturing parts with intricate designs or tight tolerances. The installation of this machine improves efficiency and accuracy of the manufacturing process, allowing for faster and more precise production of parts.
CNC Roll Turning Machine
A CNC roll turning machine is designed specifically for the turning of large cylindrical objects such as rolls, cylinders, tubes, and pipes. It is commonly used in industries such as metalworking, manufacturing, and construction, to efficiently and accurately produce complex shapes and geometries.
V Belt Cone Pulley Lathe Machine
V Belt Cone Pulley Lathe Machine is used in many industries that require the machining of whether small, light workpieces, or large and heavy workpieces. In order to achieve the requirement, we have both, light duty and heavy duty lathe machines.
All Geared Lathe Machine
All geared lathe machines we deal in are advanced types of lathe machines, including those with a gearbox with multiple gears that can be used to control the spindle speed. The machines help in the manufacturing industry for several purposes.

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